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Wealth Management

Lifelong achievements can broaden perspectives when valued and well managed. To take you even further, Davos has a team of experts to help you preserve your wealth.

We offer a full range of wealth management solutions, from ethical and transparent investment advice to estate planning, which helps to ensure a successful transition of your financial and non-financial holdings.

We follow the entire path of our clients wealth accumulation, from its construction and preservation to succession to the following generations. Our experience shows that a well planned and timely succession avoids family conflicts, prevents delays in the probate and optimizes tax planning, thereby streamlining the whole process.

We help our clients choose the best allocation of local and international assets, in accordance to their risk profile, economic environment and liquidity needs. We have an in-house Economy Strategist for local markets, dedicated fixed income and equity desks and offer support in setting up private investment companies, always taking into account the importance of asset diversification in different markets, products and currencies.

We carry out all foreign exchange transactions for individuals and companies. We make remittances, as well international transfers in reais – TIR – for clients who need to send or receive money in foreign currency; we also help clients execute FX operations in the import and export markets. Our concierge service delievers cash to the clients address at no extra charge.

Preparing business owners for future generations is essential to promoting business stability and perpetuation. Our business management specialists guide families in shaping a governance model and streamlining corporate processes.

We build strategies aimed at optimizing companies cashflow through investments in low risk and liquid products with yields superior to the benchmark. We use the investments as collateral for credit operations.

We assist companies in issuing debt securities, IPOs, as well as in merger and acquisition deals aimed at leveraging business growth.

Through partner companies we offer the possibility of anticipating federal issued precatories. The client receives the price of the precatory at a discount and the other party is entitled to a credit with the Federal Government.

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